~How The Hollow Came To Be~

The idea originated YEARS ago when a group of friends decided to put on a yard haunt... something fun for trick or treaters to walk through to catch a scare. "Fear on Ferncliff", as it was known then, evolved into a well known neighborhood yard haunt that attracted  the community year after year. Yard haunting was a passion of Dr. Fleming's, going back to his younger years when his father did the same... August of 2014 Dr. Fleming proposed, and then he and his future bride went to look at a wedding Venue in September. That’s right... SEPTEMBER. For those of you that haven’t added up all the pieces... this is roughly 4 weeks prior to the start of the haunting season! Dr. Fleming chatted with the owners of the farm, and discovered that they were wonderful, laid back people, with a passion for events... weddings, birthdays, fall festivals, and even Halloween hayrides... they were interested in venturing into the Halloween Haunted Trail world but did not have the time, or the manpower, to pull it off alone. His little wheels started turning, and light bulbs went off... He had the passion, the people, and the props... they had the trail! A friendship, and partnership was established, and Zombie Hollow was born! Now, back to this whole 4 weeks nonsense... In just 4 very very short weeks we threw together every piece of scrap pipe, fabric, and wood we could find... We exhausted every person that we knew, pleading with them to help build, and/or act. With little money, sleep, or sanity, Zombie Hollow opened its doors... well... curtains... the first weekend of October, 2014. Zombie Hollow had an AMAZING team both center stage, and behind the scenes... It absolutely could not have been done without the support of the Lewis's, the many hands, and the many tireless hours of helpful volunteers. The Lewis's invited us to have a permanent home at Lewis Farm (How exciting!?!), and Zombie Hollow is officially Gastonia's hottest new Halloween attraction. In 2014 they were in operation 12 of the 15 planned nights (rain killed us 3 of them) - They ran almost 500 people through the haunt, and had a volunteer staff of 15 to 25 actors per night! Thank you SO much for your patronage... Zombie Hollow has been a dream come true, and your support will help establish a Gaston County Legacy!