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The year is 1985, and the world has all but ended. The small town of Zombie Hollow stands in shambles, a mere shadow of its former life. This is ground zero for the apocalypse that destroyed the world, having created the most deadly virus known to mankind, a virus designed by the government for warfare. The virus could not be contained and took on a life of its own, living in the bodies of the departed.

Welcome to Zombie Hollow, where you not only fear the undead, but the ones driven mad.

This is our story-

In 1983 the government sent Dr. Theodore Crimson, a world renowned scientist, along with an elite Army unit to a small town in North Carolina. They quietly set up The Facility, a secluded lab where the virus could be made and tested. The chemicals used slowly began to drive Dr. Crimson insane, and he began to experiment on Major Douglas Trapp. Major Trapp’s second in command, Sergeant Aaron Kicker with the Zombie Hollow Police Department, become aware of the experiments and came to shut them down. A struggle ensued and explosion occurred, releasing the virus into the air to spread. Chaos reigned onto the small town, killing many only to come back as shells of the people they once were. Some were lucky, and exposure was minimal, but ended up going mad just like Dr. Crimson. The few that survived banned together under Sgt Kicker and these survivors fought daily for their lives against the undead masses. Two years later, while patrolling the outskirts of town, Sgt Kicker located a secret laboratory. The horror he found inside nearly sent him over the edge... Dr. Crimson had survived, and had somehow saved the life of Major Trap. But this was not the Major Trapp as before. He was huge, grotesque, a true monster... He was now Death Trap. Unable to control his greatest creation, Dr. Crimson fled the laboratory. The fight that occurred was legendary... Nothing was safe from Death Trap, living or dead. Sgt Kicker barely escaped to return to the city, vowing to track down Dr. Crimson and to destroy Death Trap.

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The Scare Factor Haunted House Reviews and Directory